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Projestimate project

Projestimate is a project that is financed by the Unique Interministerial Fund (FUI13), supported by the Systematic Paris-Region and ICT cluster and carried by Estimancy.

The project comprises of an organization body and several partners from both academic and industry domains. Estimancy is the current project leader. The other partners of ProjEstimate are:

  • Two large companies / groups (Banque de France (BdF), PSA Peugeot Citroën)
  • Three small and medium enterprises (Estimancy, ACAPI, Sparkom)
  • Research Institution: Industrial Engineering Centre, Mines Albi through Armines
  • Public research laboratory: LIMSI-CNRS

Projestimate objectives

Projestimate's main objective is to provide companies with a solution to better control the software development projects with more realistic estimates and more effective management indicators (effort, cost, productivity, etc.). The challenge is to improve estimation practices, to reduce costs and implement all the methods and tools in a single platform supporting good practices of the estimate.


Overview of the platform ProjEstimateImage RemovedOverview of the platform ProjEstimate

ProjEstimate aims at providing organizations with a solution allowing to:

  • master their estimation process throughout the project life cycle.
  • implement multiple methods / estimation models including those specific to the organization.
  • reduce the estimation costs, especially the cost of the functional measure.
  • obtain assistance by his peers.
  • store the various estimates of a project and the actual results in a repository.
  • export the results to reporting or monitoring tools.
  • analyze the repository to analyze the performance of the organization, be compared with the outside and refine the estimation parameters.

In addition, ProjEstimate project has the complementary objective of building a community that will:

  • support sharing of knowledge, experiences, ideas, coaching, training, etc.
  • allow anonymous data sharing for Benchmarking.
  • allow continuous improvement of the software by stimulating areas of research to explore options to simplify estimates, improve accuracy and reduce costs.

Towards EstimSet web application

EstimSet is implemented as part of a phd thesis that had as objective the development of new realistic estimation systems in an uncertain environment. EstimSet offers an automated tool that implements and supports the proposed approach.