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Welcome to our R&D webpage


Dedicated to the IEC's research, this website invites you to find out the different prototypes and current projects developped by the team.

You may also discover the two axes which compose the Center and know more about their working themes.

The IEC is a laboratory from the Higher National School of Mines Albi,  whose aim is to propose approaches, models, methods and tools to help design and operation of process and value-creating projects.


Those process or projects are various and could cover : supply chain, crisis management (industrial, natural or humanitarian), health (holding home care for patients or medication circuit), building innovative renovation, helicopters' maintenance, project estimate, configuration/customization of industrial products…


The process go with collaborative dynamics (multi-partner, multi-site, multicultural, distributed knowledge), constant change environment (permanent instability, high uncertainty, various risks, growing diversity and complexity) and work with the new information technologies and the connected objects, with a view to sustainable developmnent.


The IEC is divided into two axes, ORKID (Organization, Risk, Knowledge In Design) and IO (Interoperability of Organizations), and the research is organized around four key competences :


  • project management including risks and uncertainties,
  • knowledge capitalization and exploitation for the engineering support,
  • collaborative process definition, modeling et optimization,
  • mediation information system analyze and development.


In 2013, the IEC has enumerated seven major multi-partner projects (ANR, FUI, European…) and seven publications in Web of Science indexed magazines.

It organized, in august 2013, the 15th  international workshop on configuring systems in Vienna (Austria) with Siemens AG and, in march 2014, in Albi, the 7th edition of the IESA meeting (Interoperability for Enterprise Systems and Applications).

For more information about the Industrial Engineering Center, 

please visit

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