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Maturityexperimental (Please read our advices about using experimental research results before using this project.)






Dynamism is a prototype that allows modelling a Value Stream Mapping (VSM): all the "usual" elements are available.

Dynamism is also used to enter all operational and economic parameters related to each element (supplier, machine, stock, subcontractor and client) to get a “VSM" with an economic dimension. It notably allows estimating the Working Capital needed in real time.

Dynamism also allows automatically transforming the VSM model created to another file that can be directly imported into a discrete-event simulation software (Witness® in the case of our research work). It enables to use all the advantages of this tool (a dynamic vision, introducing variability in the process ...). It is thus possible to obtain the simulation results corresponding to the model originally designed thanks to Dynamism.

Dynamism has been developed in the context of the PhD research work of Mr. Romain Miclo in collaboration with





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