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SMART PLANNING is a 42-month research project funded by ANR. The main objective of the project is to develop a new knowledge combination in relation to implementing compromises for Road Freight Transport (RFT) planning purpose.

The project officially started in November 2016.


Project ANR-16-CE26-0017



Partners :

Photo of the consortium members
Kick-off meeting, 24th november 2016 (INRS Paris)


With the support of the competitiveness clusters



Events to come

  • Next Project Meeting planned in March 2019
  • Midterm Steering Committee planned March 28 with ANR's experts (Paris)
  • Next Project Steering Committee planned in April 2019 at INRS Paris
  • Next Project Seminar planned in July 2019 in Albi




  • Next Campaign of industrial partner's Interviews in March 2019 (MAIN FORTE)
  • Deliverable L3-1 is now available (see section Public ressources)



Conference Papers
    • Smart Planning - Approaching the Characteristics of a Valid, Balanced Transport Round, Virginie Govaere, Liên Wioland, Julien Cegarra, Didier Gourc, Antoine Clément, International Ergonomics Association (IEA), Florence (Italy), 26-30 August 2018. <hal-01896723>

    • Automation and complacency: insights from a (static) planning task in the transportation domain, Eugénie AVRIL, Jordan  Navarro, Liên Wioland, Virginie Govaere, Didier Gourc, Koosha Khademi, Elisabeth Dargent, Christos Dimopoulos, Nathalie Renaudeau, Julien Cegarra, 20th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Las Vegas (Nevada), 15-20 July 2018, (pp. 437-442). Springer, Cham. 〈hal-01896232

    • Robustesse, résilience : une brève synthèse des définitions au travers d'une analyse structurée de la littérature, A. Clément, F. Marmier, D. Kamissoko, D. Gourc, L. Wioland, V. Govaere, J. Cegarra, 2ème Conférence Internationale de MOdélisation, Optimisation et SIMulation - MOSIM’18, 27-29 Juin 2018 Toulouse –France. 〈hal-01852093

    • Premières pistes pour évaluer la robustesse, aux risques, de plannings de tournées de transport routier de marchandises, A. Clément, D. Gourc, F. Marmier, D.  Kamissoko, 12e Congrès International de Génie Industriel (CIGI2017), Compiègne, France, 3-5 mai 2017, 〈hal-01620434

    • Etude sur le contentement des opérateurs humains face à différents types d’automatisation: application au domaine des transports, Avril, E., Navarro, J., Wioland, L., & Cegarra, J. Doctoriales Arpege (, 2018, (pdf)

    • The robustness of the round planning face to risks of road freight transport, A. Clement, D. Kamissoko, F. Marmier and D. Gourc, The 4th IEEE International Conference on Logistics Operations Management (GOL), Le Havre (France), 10-12 April 2018. 〈hal-01800316>


Maturityexperimental (Please read our advices about using experimental research results before using this project.)


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