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Maturityexperimental (Please read our advices about using experimental research results before using this project.)

R-IOSUITE is an open source software project under AGPLv3.

RIO-SUITE is a software suite that embeds a set of tools dedicated to support efficiently inter-organizational collaborations (collaborative industrial projects, supply chain, crisis management, etc).
RIO-Suite is based on a model-driven architecture: the data is gathered and used to define situational models - describing the objectives,
the context, the risks and difference measure associated to the collaboration and the capabilities and the resources of the involved organizations - that are then used for different purpose
(visualization of the collaborative situation, monitoring of the collaboration, risks management, etc.).

They work with us 


Contact core members

Frederick Benaben :
Didier Gourc :

Among the tools we use to supervise the RIO-Suite development, special thank to:

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