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R-IOSuite is a tool suite.  As a decision support system, it aims to support:

  • the interpretation,deduction and creation of process
  • the simulation and orchestration of the resulted process

How to start R-IOSUITE?

With a distribution:

  1. Start bin/startup.bat

With the source code:

  1. Lunch the RIOSuiteAppTest in

How to restart R-IOSUITE properly?

With a distribution:

  1. Stop bin/startup.bat
  2. Delete the bin/target folder
  3. Delete the bin/lock file if exists

With the source code:

  1. Stop the RIOSuiteAppTest
  2. Stop the extract-afertier-extractmongod.exe in your machine

How to load a Use Case?

  1. Lunch R-IOSUITE
  2. Go to Create or Load Project [left menu]
  3. Load one of the available Use Case by clicking on its card

How to deduce a Process?

  1. Load/Create a deduction Use-Case
  2. Go to Project list [left menu]
  3. Lunch R-IODA
  4. Check that at least one of your function satisfies one of your objectives
  5. Ask for the deduction of the process [Top menu/]
  6. Order your objectives by priority
  7. Ask to see the process
  8. Double click on the process

How to deploy a Process?

  1. Deduce a process
  2. Double click on one process
  3. Ask for the deployment of the process [Left menu/Deploy]

How to run a Process

  1. Deploy a process
  2. Go to R-IOWA
  3. Create a new instance of the process

How to mark a task as done?

  1. Run a process
  2. Go to R-IOWA
  3. Edit the instance of your process 
  4. Identify the first manager involved (manager of one of the on-going tasks represented in yellow)
  5. Go to R-IOGA
  6. Go to the To Do List of the first manager involved:
    1. Disconnect
    2. Connect with the login and password of the manager
    3. Go to its To Do List on RIO-GA [left menu] 
  7. Accept and mark a task as done
  8. Go to R-IOWA
  9. Edit the current instance of the process
  10. See the task marked as done and represented in green
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