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Freedom to use

As each and every research result of Gind Team is distributed under the terms of an XXX License,all rights, freedoms and obligations are attached to it.
In particular, you can download, compile, use, modify and redistribute the source code, provided that you respect conditions detailed in the License.
Please note that all warranties including the ones regarding quality, merchandability, fitness for a particular purpose are governed by the terms and conditions of the License.

To clarify the degree of maturity and potential usability of our research results, we classified them in three categories:

  • experimental: Here are stored all experimental results. They have a low maturity. The code coverage is between 10% and 40%.
  • cooking: This research results are still in incubation. They have a good maturity, with a code coverage above 50%, but isn't fully stabilized yet.
  • stable: These research results have been tested and have a high maturity code, with source code covered at 60%.


For each research result, a mailing list is available in the section community. This mailing list can be used for the following reason:

  • propose new feature;
  • send a bug with this stacktrace ;
  • send a encouragement message.

In no way will Gind Team be complied to realize the bug correction or the requested feature, and/or to do it in a fixed delay.


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